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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

This virus does not cause pneumonia. Whatever happens in the lungs because of corona, we may be mistaken for the fact that we are treating him with pneumonia. SARS2 Corona virus binds to hemoglobin. In an attempt to detach corona, the iron particles (ions) break loose and bleed into the blood. Because of that, hemoglobin cannot carry enough oxygen. The supply of oxygen to the vital organs of the body begins to decline. Although the oxygen supply is increased after treatment, the hemoglobin that carries it is known as the corona, as oxygen shortages increase exponentially and many organs fail at the same time. This is called Resistant Hypoxia with Rapid Multi-organ Failure. Increased iron particles are so deadly that they cause severe injury to the lungs. Reaction of oxygen and iron to the lungs is responsible for the injury. This is called the Powerful Oxidative Damage. In any bacterial infection, if there is a lung infection, pneumonia occurs. But at the beginning it is left or right; On one side and uneven. Both lungs suffered major injuries each time, due to corrosion of the lungs in the battle of oxygen and iron . C.T. 'Scan shows. This is described as Bilateral Ground-glass Appearence and is treated with Bilateral Pneumonia, as it has no other analogy. Now let's look at the next result of hemoglobin corona detoxification.

  Realizing that oxygen is low, the body speeds up the production of hemoglobin. (So ​​hemoglobin is more visible in corona positive patients) Increases the ferritin content in the body to reuse or drain iron particles to prevent damage. (This is why ferritin is very high in blood tests in the corona patient). Chloroquine used in malaria, or hydroxy-chloroquine, currently under discussion, works to protect hemoglobin from malaria germs, as well as protect hemoglobin from the corona virus. You still have no idea how to distinguish the corona virus from hemoglobin. More research will be done on this. This is exactly what Corona has done to the world today. The thing doesn't end here. Increasing iron causes stress on the liver and deteriorates rapidly. With the decrease in the effectiveness of hemoglobin, the increase in blood concentrations and the oxygen supply of vital organs, the other organs along with the lungs failure.

Dr. Nitin Patankar

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