• Pravin Chalak

First attempt of corona virus in India

First case of corona virus positive is reported on 30 January 2020 in India. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said the country’s first case was in a patient in Kerala, a southwestern coastal state.The patient is a student at Wuhan University in China and has been isolated in a hospital.

Media in China are reporting the results of a study by South China Agricultural University, who announced their discovery of a 99 percent genetic match between the new corona virus (2019-nCoV) and a strain of the virus found in pangolins.

Human infection with 2019-nCoV has potentially fatal consequences, with currently more than 600 fatalities out of tens of thousands of cases reported globally.

Suspicion as to the source of the outbreak has focused on a seafood market also illegally selling wildlife in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak. In response, authorities in China announced on January 26 a temporary ban on all wildlife trade in the country, with immediate effect.

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